Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luke - Post surgery

Lukey had a successful  GJ-tube surgery yesterday.  He went in at 3:45pm and we finally got to see him around 6:15pm.  He was REALLY sleepy.  We stayed with him until around 9:00pm and went home to sleep and be with the kids.  That was a really hard decision, but we knew he was in good hands.

This morning at 7:00am, Stefan received a call that Luke had had a couple seizures overnight, one of them being a prolonged seizure.  They moved him to the PICU on 5th floor.  We hurriedly got ourselves ready, Grandpa came over to be with the kiddos, and we raced down to Children's.  We were really shaken and feeling a lot of anxiety and guilt over leaving him along overnight.  When we arrived, they had just transferred him and were trying to get him stable. 

Already this morning we've seen his new on-call doc, the GI doc gave the okay to start feeding, he had a chest x-ray (everything looks good), and the on-call neurologist is on her way.  Seizures have stopped, Praise GOD!!! They have given him an extra dose of seizure meds to put a stop to them, and so far it seems to help.

As far as Stefan and I can determine, we really believe that this influx in seizures overnight all stems from not having food for the past 42 hours.  In the past, he tends to have seizures when he is sick or throwing up his food.  We pray that once they start his feeding, seizures stop and are controlled with his regular dose of Keppra.

With this little jaunt down to the PICU, I'm assuming our stay at Children's has been increased.  I am thankful that I am off until next Tuesday, and pray that Stefan will be able to get a bit of work done this week.

Thank you again for all your prayers, texts, and visits!  When we have more info, we will update the blog again!  Love you all.

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