Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New car and an almost done garden

Stef and I picked up our NEW Subaru Outback yesterday after work. Pretty fun stuff! It's our first family car. Baby J can now safely travel around MN. A guy is coming to purchase Stef's red truck tonight. I'm sure some tears will be shed. No more hauling big stuff!

Dan, my dad, and Stef moved almost all 40 cubic yards of dirt on Saturday into our new garden. It looks amazing and I can't wait to grow stuff, especially tomatoes next year!!! :)
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34 weeks and "nesting" has begun

My belly has grown exponentially over the past 2 weeks. CRAZY!! :) I am officially at 34 weeks today. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and weighed in at +13 pounds. The baby measured a week behind (33 weeks along), but that is totally okay with me. Small baby means less pain!!!! :) I tried an experiment this doc appointment. Last time, I ate good old Coco Puffs right before my visit and Baby J's heartbeat was pretty fast. So this week, I had a nice calming bowl of Multigran Cheerios and it dropped like a fly. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but crazy non the less. I have my next appointment at 36 weeks.

Stef had a bit of a "nesting" craze on Sunday night and wanted to clean and fix up the baby's room. We really only have a crib, thought it would be fun to hang our curtains and tidy up! I promise to post a pic of Stef's new daddy diaper bag that he picked out at Target next week. The baby has been SUPER active and my coworkers and students love watching when Baby J sticks its butt up in the air.  It makes my belly all lopsided.  It looks really odd, and doesn't especially feel the best, but it is so cool that an actual baby, made with God's handy work, is in there moving around.  

All is well here in MN. We love you all and pray that God is blessing your lives! :) Stefan, Betsy, and Baby J
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