Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Addie's first Canuck game!!

Addie watched her first Canucks game with Daddy this week. Stefan was able to somehow buy cables, attach them from our computer to our T.V., and be able to watch the game from our couch. The work a Canuck fan goes to, so that a game is not missed!

The picture below is how I found Addie one morning. Stef and I swaddle here every night before she goes to bed. This is how not to swaddle a baby (they are not supposed to un-swaddle themselves in the middle of the night).
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Canadian Thanksgiving

We had our 4th annual Canadian Thanksgiving while Papa and Nana were in town!

Canadian Thanksgiving - #2

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Adelyn Rae's Baby Dedication

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Addie was dedicated on November 9th at our church Cross of Glory Baptist. It was wonderful being able to have both our parents there. Addie wore a mixture of old and new for her dedication outfit. The shoes were from Grandma Meyer, dress from Nana Sue, bonnet from Great Great Grandma Esther, and her blanket from Great Grandma Meyer.

Papa & Nana come to visit Addie

Nana and Papa came to visit from Summerland, B.C., a week and half after Addie was born. It was SOOOO much fun having them here. Stefan was lucky enough to be able to take the entire week off of work. We went for lots of walks, shopping for new clothes for Addie, out to eat, and lots of resting. We can't wait to see them again in only a month. We are heading up there for Christmas. It will be Addie's first trip on an airplane, we'll see how that one goes! :)

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Addie - Week 3

This is after SEVERAL attempts to get a family picture. Adding another member to the family makes getting everyone to look at the camera an almost impossible feat.
It is somewhat addicting choosing pictures to post on our blog. Because half of our family lives a plane ride away, we are going to always go on the heavy side!!! :) Addie seems to enjoy eating while she is naked, and man does her belly plump out when she is done. I love how content she looks when she is finished!!

My family resting after a hard days work!
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 3 - Cute Pics

Whenever my mom comes over to visit, we have our very own professional photo shoot. Lucky for us, they are so much fun to look at when she's all done. Here are a bunch of our favorites!!
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Week 1

Norm wakes up with me at every night feeding, comes into Addie's room, and sits on the ottoman while she eats. It's pretty cute and it keeps me company and her awake (he likes to lick her feet while she eats). She got to also enjoy her first Halloween experience, she helped hand out candy and then we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's place to have a chili dinner. I also have found different ways to still get stuff done around the house and bring her along, hence her sleeping in the laundry basket when I'm carrying clothes around! :)
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Addie's first week home

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Going Home- Day 3

On Saturday, we got to bring Adelyn home to meet Norman! He was pretty excited and also not sure what to do with her. We got their introductions on video tape and it is quite funny. He spent the first 5 minutes just licking her, continuously (he really likes her head). I think they are going to be forever playmates when she gets a little older!
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Adelyn Rae Julien

On Thursday, October 23rd, at 4:38pm, our little one came into this world. I know that we are updating our blog an entire MONTH later, but, needless to say, it's been quite hectic around here.

On Wednesday, the 22nd, Stef and I went in for my 40+ week check-up with Dr. Locher, where we were told that their was room at the hospital, and if we wanted, we could be induced the next morning. YES!! We got a call at 5:30 the next morning and showed up nervous and excited at the hospital at 7:30am. They broke my water around 9:00am (which is one of the grossest things I've ever experienced, I CANNOT imagine what it would be like to have your water break in PUBLIC!!!!), started the epidural around noon, the drip around 1:30, and by 4:29 (honestly), they told me to start pushing. It was just Stef and our sweet nurse (who is actually Corey C.'s cousin) helping me push. She started arriving so fast, when the doc finally arrived, he told me to NOT push through the next contraction so he could get scrubbed up. So after 9 minutes of pushing she was out and screaming! I told Stef, if our babies came that fast, I won't mind have LOTS more. We joked that she timed her entrance into the world perfectly (I was hoping I'd still make in time to order dinner, which I did!!)

She was 20 1/4 inches long, 7 lbs. 1 oz., full crown of hair, and nice long toes (like her mom and Great Grandpa Gene). I knew that day she was going to be a girl. We had discussed at length girl names, but hadn't agreed on ANY. We had had our boys name picked out since day one, but were pretty stuck on a girls name. Anywho, when she was born, we ended up not calling anyone (not even our family for 2 hours) or emailing because I was adamant that we needed to have her name before we could let everyone know. :( SORRY!!!! We ended up not even deciding on one until the next morning. We had chosen the name Adelyn, but were still figuring out the spelling. So Stef wrote 3 different spellings on my whiteboard in my room and let me look at them all night. I asked all the nurses and everyone who came in, which spelling they liked, and it worked, we had her name spelling chosen by that next morning.

Her name comes from my grandpa's (my mom's dad) grandma Adelade. We had toyed with that name, but liked a different variation of it better, Adelyn. I was sold since day one, but it had to grow on Stef and he ended up falling in love with it. Someday her nickname will be Addie, but we LOVE calling her her full name, Adelyn Rae, because it is so much fun to SAY!!!

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