Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our sweetheart - 18 months

What a busy, crazy and fun last couple months it has been. I'm now 15 weeks along and feeling sicker than a dog in the mornings. I don't remember things being quite this rough with Addie. Somehow you forget all the yucky feelings when you finally give birth and are blessed with your new baby. I'm praying that once the summer hits, I'm able to start feeling a little better and enjoy the slower pace of life.
Addie is now 18 months old. What a great age! We probably say that about all of her ages, but honestly, every stage gets better. She's in the process of getting four more teeth, so lots of gnawing on fingers and cuddle time. She's learned how to wash her self with a washcloth in the bathtub. Her favorite is cleaning toes, under her armpits and of course taking a quick drink by sucking the water from her washcloth in between all cleanings. Addie's new words include: NO, Up or Uppie, Now (that one comes and goes), Norm (kinda comes out as Orm), and ball and baby are still favorites. She really enjoys playing pretend or copycat. Last week I was mowing the lawn and all she wanted to do was follow me while pushing her own mower. When I making dinner, she's either rearranging my temporary kitchen in the basement or feeding her babies.
Hope all is well up in Canada! That stinks that the Canucks lost. At least that means that my hubby will climb into bed before midnight on a consistent basis.
We love you all lots. Miss you more! God Bless, Stefan, Betsy, Addie, Norm and Baby J #2 Posted by Picasa


Addie is quite obsessed with babies lately. She now has 3 baby dolls and enjoys spending her time feeding, walking, kissing, and cooking for all of them. She's also enjoyed all the real babies that have come along. We've had multiple friends give birth in the last couple of months (almost all boys): Erik, Harper, Jack, Samuel, Kellan, Will and Gracie. There are 4 new friends coming her way as well by fall. It's so much fun! What a blessing all babies have been happy, healthy and moms are doing great.
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Karin and Brant's wedding

The girls! Karin and Brant's wedding was supposed to be outdoors (they had this gorgeous overlook to a lake and prairie). But our Minnesota spring day didn't allow it. Their reception site was beautiful and nice and warm! :) Loved the Famous Daves!
Stef and Trevor (this was the 3rd attempt to get a good picture where both of their eyes were open!)
Karin and Brant! Her dress was stunning!
Stef was a dancing machine all night! Towards the end I had to drag him home. I love that my hubby loves to dance as much as I do!
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Our helpers

Norm either enjoys napping on the bed or running around the house while we work on the kitchen.
Addie enjoys finding daddy's tools and pretending to build things. She also likes rearranging his tool chest and especially likes the pliers.

My mom and I had the job pleasure of nail pullers last weekend. We salvaged our old wood floor and consequently needed to pull around 2000 nails. Two sore backs later, we are almost finished.
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2 weeks later

We ran into a piping issue, which set us back a couple weeks. Stef and my dad contemplated plumbing themselves but we ended up hiring a plumber to come and move our water lines over into the next stud. Thanks mom and dad!
Last weekend, my dad and Stef finished excavating all the installation and sheet rock from the dining room, kitchen,and ceiling. Yikes! This proved almost a messier job than the first demo.

All cleaned up!

Before and after our header

This was the end result after a long and hardworking Saturday. Grandpa Gene, Cousin Matt, Dad, and Stef all spent the day taking apart the kitchen. :)

This is 3 days later after Bryan and his dad installed our header and framed in our sliding patio door area. What a difference!
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