Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Addie - 18 months

Addie is now 18 months old. She continues to amaze us. Addie is such a happy, friendly child. Some of our fun moments and memories with her:

-Her hair is now long enough to put in either a barrette or side ponytail. I barely have enough time to get her hair ready and put the clip in, before her little hand reaches up to take it back out. It's become a game now to see who wins.

-She likes pretending that she is going places. Addie will find a bag, basket, my purse, doctors kit, anything that carries and holds items, pick it up, turn around and wave and say, "Bye." She then heads out of the room and then the entire process starts over. She fills up her container, puts it over her shoulder and says "Bye."

-Meal time has become interesting. She now notices differences in our dinners and her own. If anything is different what-so-ever, she wants ours. Last night we were eating sandwiches, fruit and veggies (we are kitchen-less right now so this is the consistency of a lot of our meals). She noticed that we had Fritos on our plates and she didn't. She shoved all of her food to one side of her tray, signed to Stefan for more, pointed at the chip bag, and did her little grunt sound that we've translated to meaning "now". Seriously!!

-Neighbors of ours had two of their huge oak trees cut down about 3 weeks ago. Addie was fascinated in watching the men use the chainsaws and big trucks. Every time a branch fell, she'd say, "Uh oh!" "Uh oh!" lasted the entire Saturday morning.

-Addie learned how to smile for the camera in Palm Springs (lots of pictures being taken). She not only smiles for the word cheese, but anytime anyone has a video camera or camera even out in the vicinity, she taps them and starts smiling. It's the face crunched, eyes shut, chin up, type smile. Very flattering, and pretty funny!!

Her vocabulary is pretty consistent with the words: Buh bye, Bye, dog, ruff, mum, dad, ball, bug, bebe (soother), and Hi. She still signs for more (a lot) and does this hands up, shoulder shrug for what's that, wear's that, and I don't know (that's our interpretation). Every once in a while, I think I hear new words that are probably in the forming (Susie her daycare lady, Papa, Cheerios).

Our biggest news is that Addie will get her dream fulfilled around November 1st. Our daughter absolutely adores babies. She hugs, kisses, pats, taps, leans on, brings toys to, any baby she can find. Stef and I are expecting Baby Julien #2 this fall. We are super excited and can't wait for this new blessing to join our family! I'm almost 13 weeks along and feeling pretty good. It's crazy how already having one around the house, allows no naps or extra rest period for mom. I found myself just going to bed at between 8:30 and 9am each night!

We love you all and miss you tons. Stef and I will update our blog soon with our kitchen remodel pictures. Right now it's somewhat of a mess!!!

God Bless, Stefan, Betsy, Addie, Baby J #2, and of course Norm :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Addie's picnic

Addie has this amazing ability to put a lot of food into her mouth at one time. Witness how she eats her favorite sandwich, peanut butter and jelly's.