Monday, May 31, 2010

Camping at Sibley

Addie had a blast camping this weekend. We only "camped" for the day. No sleeping over this time (we were busy with the kitchen). She loved playing in the woods and her favorite activity was riding in the hiking backpack. We borrowed it from our friends Trevor and Sarah. She squealed with delight every time she saw it and almost couldn't contain her excitement when we finally put her in for our Mount Tom hike. :) My mom has some fun pictures from the weekend. The best is of Addie's backside. We only had her in shorts on Sunday (when we left Mtka it was 80, and 2 hours later at Sibley is was 60) and were not prepared for cold weather. So my Auntie Julie rummaged through her doggie clothes for Sadi and Sami and found an old pair of Vikings leggings (with a hole for the dog tail in the back), and so our daughter walked around with tight holey leggings all day. Priceless!
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Addie loves playing Mommy

She's sitting in the middle of our kitchen reno feeding and burping her baby!
One sip for you...
One sip for me!!
Now for a burp! :)
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Finished Sheet Rock - YEAH!!!!

We are finished with the sheet rock!!! Yippee!! Stef and my dad worked SO hard this weekend. We were blessed with awesome weather and lots of good food provided by our family! :)
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