Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Addie & James - Summer Pics

I love watching our two children play together! Addie loves James SO much (sometimes a little too much in his opinion!). You can tell he enjoys her company and she loves having a permanent playmate around 24/7. :)

Addie's Arm

On Saturday, October 22nd, Addie fell out of her booster seat and broke her arm. She was reaching for another cinnamon roll (that would have made 3) and slipped in her footed pjs. She then went into shock and I called Stef to come home (he was at church). We brought her to urgent care around 9am. After x-rays and an exam, they decided it was bad enough for surgery. They called around to several hospitals before deciding Gillette Children's Hospital. We ran home for 5 minutes, grab clean clothes and Addie's blankie, and headed to St. Paul! The afternoon was filled with books, movies, nurse check-ins and lots of Addie time. At 4, they wheeled her down to the OR recovery room. We meet the two on-call nurses (which she LOVED). They treated her like a princess! She had balloons, lipstick, stuffed animals, stickers, you name it. Her surgery lasted 45 minutes and at 5pm, she was out and waking up. It was a rough wake-up. She was pretty crabby (fairly normal). But lots of cheerios, juice, Popsicles and graham crackers, and she was ready to leave by 6:30. In bed around 9:30pm, and exhausted! Not the way we planned our weekend, but praise God everything went smoothly and the doc said it should heal just fine!!! Such a blessing, Nana and Papa arrived the next day for Addie's birthday. They were able to "hang-out" all week long with the kids and recover!! She gets her cast off next week!!