Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addie finds a bug

Addie is really fascinated by the Box Elder bugs that manage to make their way into our house during our cold Minnesotan winter. She's not afraid of them and enjoys carefully picking them up for closer inspections. This series of pictures demonstrate her successfully capturing one, but then it eventually ends up down her sleeve. :)

Addie and Norm

Addie feeding Norman

Every breakfast and lunch, Addie enjoys feeding Norm his meals (she likes to try and give him snacks too). She actually picks up his bowl, walks it to the closet, opens the container, "pretends" to scoop out food (I have to help with that part), puts the cover back on, carries his bowl back into the kitchen, and sets it down right next to his water dish. My mom captured the last part of this routine on video yesterday. So funny! She is really proud of herself, and sometimes even claps as if to say, "Yeah Addie!!" Love and miss you all, Betsy