Saturday, October 17, 2009

Minnetonka Apple Orchard

This morning, we all (Norm too) went to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard. The drive out there was absolutely beautiful with all the changing tree colors and Lake Minnetonka in the background. Good thing for the Garmen, because we took a few too many wrong turns! We picked a HUGE bag full of Honeycrisp apples. We had a blast. It was a gorgeous morning.

Addie really enjoyed visiting the pigs and turkeys. Too bad I did zoom out just a little bit more. The pig is snout to nose with Norman. I actually think Norm had a better time visiting the barn animals than all of us combined.
Addie picked out her first pumpkin.
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Addie - Almost ONE

About 3 weeks ago we had our annual Momentum Bocce Ball Tournament. Despite the crummy weather, we had a wonderful evening. This was our attempt to take a picture of most of the tots present. I'm glad I am only posting the first picture, by the end, the last four our leaning in a heap and a few are crying.
Helping mom with laundry. It's the only way I can successful carry up one load of laundry and one little girl.
Trying to sneak a peak at Daddy's football game that is on TV. :)
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