Monday, September 28, 2009

Addie - 11 months

Addie and Great Grandpa Martin.
Addie enjoy mommy's birthday cake. Addie thoroughly enjoyed her first piece of chocolate cake. It was gone in less than a minute and she was already signing for more.
Addie wearing her birthday suit. She is teething really bad right now, and consequently had pretty bad diaper rash. We decided to let her run around naked, and man, she loved it.
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Addie is standing!

Addie loves piano time. Stef and I try to play with her as much as we can. She likes it when we play, and then let her play after us. She even uses a different tone while she is playing, like singing.

Addie can stand on her own, but sometimes isn't too happy about it. You can tell by her look.
I made these hanging animals to match Addie's curtains and crib skirt. They turned out pretty cute. Addie loves looking at them before she goes to bed.
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A race for the Cheerios

Last Saturday morning, I gave Addie a box of Cheerios (I remember seeing pictures of myself, around the same age, LOVING the entire box of Cheerios, not just a handful). Well, exactly what I expected, happened. All the Cheerios ended up on the floor. Addie didn't mind, and neither did Norman. It was a race for the Cheerios and who could eat them the fastest. Addie had total of around 4, while Norman polished off around 40.

This is my new roller backpack for school. It's what I asked Stef for, for Mother's day, and we finally got around to picking one out and ordering it. WOW, do I look like a nerd at school, but I am much happier nerd getting to and from the car. It works great!!!
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Garage remodel

Stef was able to go to the first Gopher football game at the TCF Stadium. Amazing!! The Gopher's beat Northwestern for their first win of the season.

My dad and Stefan tore down our garage wall. Always a project going on. When we redid the downstairs bathroom, we noticed the previous homeowners did not put up installation between the basement and garage. No wonder it's always freezing in our basement. We are putting in installation, a new door (our old one was not to code), and sheet rock. Wow, it looks great so far.
Addie sporting her Hopkins Royals apparel.
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