Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our Quarterly Blog

Hi All,

Well it has certainly been awhile since we last updated our blog, which never really got off the ground and running, actually it's been limping like a three-legged hippo for quite awhile, so sorry about that for those who have been kind enough to care and look at our page. Anywho, with lots of time inbetween blogs I will have lots to write about.

As you can see we use our blog as an online picture sharer, which I think we are allowed to do on blogspot and if not well they haven't stopped us yet. So you can look at the pics below as I will try and explain them.

Betsy and I have been having fun this summer with our new puppy who is named Norman, he also goes by Stormin' Norman or just Norm. Betsy tried to name him Brit but that was kiboshed by someone mentioning that it was like "Britney Spears", thank you to whoever said that. Norm is a lot of fun, he likes to chew on sticks, toys, chairs, toys, carpet, toys, tools, and more toys. We try to keep it at least 50/50 from things he is supposed to chew to things he shouldn't. He's getting better luckily. He's pretty good at cuddling and he loves to give everyone he meets a big wet smack on the cheek. Pictures below:)

We were recently back in the motherland of Canadia, I mean Canada, living in the USA can do that do you, beware! ASIDE: I recently started reading a book called 'How to Be A Canadian', don't worry I haven't forgot, I was lent it by Betsy's Aunt Julie who met Canadians on a cruise and they sent her this book. Sorry about the long explanation, anyways, it's a funny book and I have kept Betsy up the last week reading it and laughing before going to sleep at night. So back to our trip, we were in Canada for my cousin Spencer's wedding in Vancouver, which was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun for all (see pics below). As you can see from a couple of pics below the Julien family tore up the dance floor in high style with many new dance moves introduced by Mark Julien from his opulent bag of body waggles.

Fun times were had at the cabin in Pt Roberts with the traditional sandcastle being built by the Grimston/Julien clan. We almost conquered the tide this year, a lot of work and engineering from previous years proved insufficient and a new heroic effort will be made next year. So far the count in the TIDE vs Sandcastle is now at an alarming 150 to 1**, this tradition has been carried on for 3 generations according to Dad. (**One year there was a slack tide and the sandcastle was built on the beach above the high tide mark, historians do not include this phenomenon due to unfair advantage given to sandcastle and utter stupidity) We have yet to find an answer to many of the distructive advantages the TIDE has in this battle, namely, little kids who love to run around the sandcastle and break down the walls by falling on them, also seaworms that weaken moat walls by boring holes. Final words, we fought the good fight this year team, don't lose heart, there is always next year.

Apologies to any who have never been apart of the sandcastle building effort for that long and unintelligible story. Pictures also include a young beau of Noni's called Brad who braved the sandcastle effort and day at the beach with THE FAM, kuodos to you.

Ummm, well I don't know what other pictures are of. If you have any questions, especially about the one with Mark's crazy hairdo, don't ask. Hope everyone who reads this blog is happy and healthy and about to do something more fun than reading this blog:) Till another 3 months or longer has past.

Adios Amigos and Amigas,

The Minnesotan Julien's

(Disclaimer: Betsy wrote everything in this blog and all lawsuits and injustices can be sent to her) keep your stick on the ice!

Monday, July 10, 2006

A random mix

The first is a picture of our softball team enjoying a FREE beer, on the house "Big Ten". Next is Papa JJ, Stef and me at the cabin in Summerlad. Then, who's the lucky guy? It was actually his birthday and this is my B.S. gang at Nick's annual Sunkist Party (He specializes in orange sunkist floats and then performs in a rock band for us all!). Lastly, it's Stormin' Norman, our cuddly teddy bear. Posted by Picasa

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More Point Roberts/Wedding Pics

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Trip to Point Roberts/Spencer & Karen's Wedding

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Norman Pictures

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