Friday, May 28, 2010


Addie is always daddy's little helper around the kitchen. Tools and things usually go missing for a day after she's been in the toolbox. :)
All the electrical wiring is finished and has been inspected.
Two cabinet door options. We were originally wanting white, but after some discussions are learning towards clear coated cherry.
Stef and I finished all the insulation and poly late last night and were able to squeeze in our inspection today. This weekend we are hopefully going to get most of the sheet rock up. :)
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Eau Claire Babies

Libby graciously hosted a baby shower for all the Eau Claire new mommies. She cooked a fabulous brunch and we had such a fun time meeting and hanging out with all the precious babes. Addie thoroughly enjoyed being "a helper" the entire time. She likes to carry wipes, diapers, pacifiers, and especially carrying around all the new little baby outfits. Thank you Libby for hosting!

In order, Addie, Kellan (Anne & Patrick's), Gracie (Liz & Steve's), and Will (Ashley & David's).
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After tearing down all the insulation, we (mostly my dad and Stef) put up all our recessed lighting. It makes our kitchen and living room SOOO bright. :)
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