Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Addie - 10 1/2 months

I just took this picture tonight, after bath time. She is now able to sit in the bathtub all by herself. She also LOVES to lay on her back. We usually keep the water really shallow. She loves pretending that she is swimming. Addie babbles to us, kicks her feet and splashes her hands. Bath time is pretty fun!
Addie's new post-bath time up do (compliments of daddy).
My family went to the Minnesota State Farm this Labor day weekend. I think we actually managed to get Addie waving bye-bye on the camera.
Addie and our next door neighbor, Grandma Dot. Dot has been battling multiple medical issues for the past 3 years. She is in hospice care right now, so we try and get over for a visit as much as we can. Addie loves playing with Dot's glasses and saying hi to her kitty, Tabby.
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Addie's doll house

Thanks Auntie Sarah for the fun polka dot skirt. It's quite hip!

Addie will play for sometimes close to an hour at her doll house. Her favorite is standing up and rearranging (meaning pulling out) all of the furniture, and having someone play nearby, who will put all the furniture back for her. Her favorite person in the house, is of course the baby. When we ask, "Find the baby!", she immediately reaches for her. When she gets up in the morning, or is playing before bedtime, she hurriedly crawls towards her doll house. It's really fun to watch.

She is also learning how to share. Addie loves sharing her toys and food with you. She is not very patient with the food part. If she offers something to you, and you don't take it immediately, it goes right into her own mouth. Snooze you loose!
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