Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ben, Cullen, and Addie at swimming lessons. Addie is in the Baby Tot class with Olivia and Kinsley. Ben and Cullen are in the big boy class by themselves. :)
Trevor and Olivia.
Classic! Can you figure out what Addie is trying to do in this picture? My tank top is her hooter hider and she is nursing her cabbage patch doll. :) Love it!

Addie after a nap: All 100 baby wipes made it onto the floor.
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Last of the Christmas Pics

Watching a Canucks game!
Addie and Hannah!
Alex, Gordon, and Addie.
On our way home to MN.
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Aunties and Hannah

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Playing hockey and ice skatting

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James and Indy

Love the eyes. I'm not sure why James is looking so freaked out... "Look at my feet!"
Future Mr. and Mrs. Julien, eh?

James and Indy hanging out with their Nanas!
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More Christmas Pics

Auntie Sarah and Addie playing some Christmas tunes and probably Happy Birthday!
The boys and their matching pjs!
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Christmas Eve and morning

A family pic before we headed out the door for Christmas Eve service at Summerland Baptist. Thanks Grandma for the matching toques. :)
Addie and Papa!
Christmas morning before the chaos started! Look how neat the floor is...
Yes, Addie is sporting a pink and purple fanny pack. Thanks Nana for digging up an old treasure from Auntie Carley and Sarah's younger years.
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Addie's new sleeping bag! :) Addie slept in Nana and Papa's room during our visit. She loved reading books and cuddling with Nana and Papa in the early morning hours. :)
Of course, countless hours at Rock Band again!
Addie carried around one of Nana's little snowmen like a baby doll. She liked feeding it its nightly bottle. :)
The boys hanging out!
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Christmas in Summerland

This was a wide awake Addie at 12:15am in the Seattle airport. When booking our flights, we though, "Late night flights, GREAT! The kids will sleep and so will we." Wrong! Addie's legs were just long enough for her to kick the seat in front of her on the MSP to SEA flight. Let's just say the lady in front of her, didn't make eye contact when exiting the plane and there was no sleep to be had by any parties in our row. :(

The above picture was taken after we had first boarded our SEA to Kelowna flight, and then told that something was wrong with the engine and that we would need to exit and re board a new plane they were sending. When we finally landed that evening and made it to the Julien's house, it was 3:30am our time.

Our Christmas Eve walk along the lake!!
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Christmas in MN

We celebrated Christmas with my family before we left for Canada. We had breakfast, opened stockings and some presents at my parents house that morning and then came home for a quick nap. Then that afternoon, we loaded up and headed over to the Simondet's for a second round of Christmas. What a great day! Addie loved every minute of it. :)
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