Monday, June 01, 2009

A HOT summer night

Addie loves having her clothes OFF!
Norm has really enjoyed Addie and sunscreen. It means that he gets to give her an extra bath each night to make sure it's all off! :)
Below: I love this picture. I think she is concentrating on a number two or something. She looks hard at work.
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Addie is 7 months

I LOVE this picture! Addie was caught in the midst of a belly laugh.
Her new favorite activity is "playing" kitchen. This consists of eating the wooden spoon and banging the pots around.
Addie has mastered both sitting up by herself and chewing on her thumb. She doesn't suck it, but gnaws on it instead.
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Addie's first camping weekend and the Twins game

A big bear hug from my daddy!
We couldn't help it. Addie's outfit totally looked like a little boy. She was wearing pink shoes, but it didn't help! She loved her new Twins hat, thanks Nana and Papa! :)

Below: Addie and mom cuddling in the morning. Addie was a champ on her first camping weekend. She slept the entire night all bundled up.
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