Thursday, June 26, 2014

Julien Family Update

Summer is in full swing here at the Julien household and we are LOVING it!  Our pool has been the best investment so far.  :)

Addie just lost her second tooth last night and the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit!  I have to remember tonight. We had a pretty long face from her this morning, but she took the excuse "lots of kids must have lost their teeth last night" pretty well.

James is just finishing up his T-ball league.  James LOVES t-ball and is learning the valuable lesson of sportsmanship!  Addie's reign as 1st base coach lasted about 10 minutes on the first night.  She then took me aside and asked if she could be relieved of this duty and said, "The babies need me more!"  She is our team babysitter and enjoys going from Elsa, to Nora, to Linc, and to Lukey. She has lots of subjects that love her attention. I just love the fact that Addie adores babies.  She is such a natural at it!

Little Lukey Poo just got weighed again yesterday and is now a whopping 10 lbs. 11 oz.  He might make it to 12 pounds before we head to Canada. :)  New news, he was just fitted for a cranial cap, and gets his helmet next week!  I think I also forgot to mention that he saw his ophthalmologist last week and is now wearing an eye patch 1-2 hours a day, for the next 3 months, to try and help correct his ptosis (droopy eyelid).  So, Little Luke will be sporting quite the gear!  Hearing aids, helmet and eye patch!  Aye, Aye Matey!  :)

Luke is now eating solids 2 times a day and LOVING it.  He is doing such a great job.  He's only had the not so yummy stuff (peas, green beans, and squash).  We'll start the fruits next week.  He still is bottle feeding about 5 times a day.  I'm still managing to pump 2 times a day as well, but am only getting about 3 ounces per time.  Just enough for 1/2 a bottle in the morning and 1/2 a bottle at night.  Better than nothing!

We are excited to head up to Summerland soon!  Love you all lots!

The MN Juliens