Monday, August 25, 2008

32 weeks, YIKES!

My belly seems to be growing exponentially. My belly button is officially sticking out now. You can see it through anything that I choose to wear. I can't believe Stef and I only have 8 weeks (or around there I guess) until we get to meet Baby J. Hopefully Baby J decides to hold off for a bit seeing how we haven't registered yet and only have a crib. I guess technically all a baby needs is a place to sleep. It was my first day back to school today and even though I know it will be tiring at times and hard to move, I'm really excited to start the year off with my kids. I got to see my class list and I have 25 students (AWESOME number) and I think they are going to be a fun group of 12 year olds. We love you all up in Canada and can't wait to see you again at Christmas with our new little member of our family. Hugs to you all!!

God Bless, Stefan, Betsy, & Baby J (Norm too)

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Summer in Point Roberts

We had a great time at the cabin in Point Roberts, WA this past week. We got to see lots of friends and relatives that we haven't seen for way too long. Betsy got to show off her tummy and let everyone feel Baby J give them high five or a kick, who knows?

The family enjoying a beautiful sunset, this is probably going to be our Christmas card pic, but here is a sneak peak. I know OK magazine is offering us $2 million, do I hear $3 million?

Here we are for the Annual Maple Beach Sandcastle Contest, our submission of "Chateau Julien/Grimston/Borchert/Bartnik" was disqualified because we exceeded the designated boundaries and disregarded the time constraint. We almost beat the tide this year, but the Mother Nature is a real birch tree! Anywho, back to the drawing board for next year. Dad FYI - don't stand next to Kenny in pictures.

Here is the Julien/Howay/Matheson crew.

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