Friday, May 16, 2008

Belly Time - 17 weeks

We haven't been very good about taking belly pictures of the first 4 months, because I felt like nothing really showed. But seriously, last night after eating, I swear my belly popped out 6 inches. For real! Even my students could tell today, they kept whispering and asking me to turn sideways. The whispering part was probably because we had "the talk" in health class today! Fun times! I felt all eyes were on me when we talk how conception works! :) The joys of teaching.

Anywho, here are my a little over 4 month pictures. I've found it painful to know wear any of my old clothes and have it down to a science which 4 pairs of pants I rotate, to wear to work every day!

I may be crazy, but I'm also pretty sure I can feel the baby. They say at 20 months you should be able to, but every night when I lay down, it feels like little bubbles inside my tummy. SO COOL! Interesting how you can't feel it during the day when you're moving, but when it's time for bed, the little thing goes wild. That should be interesting when I'm trying to fall asleep! :)

All is well back here in MN. I graduate tomorrow from Hamline (along with Ashley and Cristin) with my Masters in Education. :) Stefan and I are working on making our garden. This weekend we have to clear the rest of the brush so that after camping next weekend, we can start putting up the retaining wall. God has blessed us with GORGEOUS weather the past two days! It is actually shorts weather here and everyone (especially Norm) is loving it! Stef and I just bought our plane tickets for our trip to the coast in August. We are flying into Seattle on August 15th and leaving the 24th. We aren't heading back to Summerland this time, just staying at Point Roberts and relaxing!! Hope to see a lot of you, we love you all and pray that God is with you all!

Norm's new friend

Norman had his first play visit with my aunt and uncles new Schnauzer puppy, Sadie. It was touch and go for a while trying to determine who would be the dominate one (all bets were on Sadie, Norm rolls over and is submissive to the cat next door), but in the end Norm won. :) She is so adorable. We decided that Norman doesn't understand how to play "nice" with a puppy. His idea of play was to steal her chew toy, run circles around her, and taunt her by coming close but not close enough for her to grab on. Pretty comical! :)