Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Addie & James - Summer Pics

I love watching our two children play together! Addie loves James SO much (sometimes a little too much in his opinion!). You can tell he enjoys her company and she loves having a permanent playmate around 24/7. :)

Addie's Arm

On Saturday, October 22nd, Addie fell out of her booster seat and broke her arm. She was reaching for another cinnamon roll (that would have made 3) and slipped in her footed pjs. She then went into shock and I called Stef to come home (he was at church). We brought her to urgent care around 9am. After x-rays and an exam, they decided it was bad enough for surgery. They called around to several hospitals before deciding Gillette Children's Hospital. We ran home for 5 minutes, grab clean clothes and Addie's blankie, and headed to St. Paul! The afternoon was filled with books, movies, nurse check-ins and lots of Addie time. At 4, they wheeled her down to the OR recovery room. We meet the two on-call nurses (which she LOVED). They treated her like a princess! She had balloons, lipstick, stuffed animals, stickers, you name it. Her surgery lasted 45 minutes and at 5pm, she was out and waking up. It was a rough wake-up. She was pretty crabby (fairly normal). But lots of cheerios, juice, Popsicles and graham crackers, and she was ready to leave by 6:30. In bed around 9:30pm, and exhausted! Not the way we planned our weekend, but praise God everything went smoothly and the doc said it should heal just fine!!! Such a blessing, Nana and Papa arrived the next day for Addie's birthday. They were able to "hang-out" all week long with the kids and recover!! She gets her cast off next week!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Family Time

My brother just found out he is moving to Boston. His fiancee moved out there in September for law school and he has been looking for a job. He just accepted one last week, and it leaving in 1 week. Everything happened really fast. We are really going to miss him, but Addie is already looking forward to Skype time with Uncle Dan.
Mimi and Norm!! Getting his head massaged.
This morning bad hair was just too good to pass up. We had to take a picture of it!!! Can you believe it. She sleeps SO hard and rubs around so much at night, that she wakes up with a huge mat of hair snarled together just in the back. The front looks like it has been comb and lays perfectly. :)
Our happy little guy!! James is now 5 months old and loving life. He is still a semi-unpredictable sleeper. Addie was sleeping close to 10-12 hours at age 3 months. James goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 and wakes up anywhere between 3:30 and sometimes as late as 6:00am. He is getting there. He just loves to cuddle and snuggle in the middle of the night. I often thing he isn't even really awake. Just wants his early morning snack so he can sleep in late.

Addie the doctor

Addie loves using her stethoscope and listening to peoples hearts. She might be a bit confused in this picture. She is listening to James' head? :)

James loves the Johnny Jumper. He is actually already too tall for it. :)

The MOA Aquarium

This past Friday, daddy took the day off of work and I was on Spring break. We decided to try out the newly remodeled MOA Aquarium. We had found online coupons, so were able to go all four of us for a great price. We had such a fun time. Addie loved looking at the stingrays with daddy the best. The jellyfish exhibit was amazing. They had all the lights turned off and the tanks had a neon light in them, turning the jellyfish fun neon colors. When we got into the tunnel walk, Addie wasn't sure what to make of the entire thing. I have to admit, it was pretty intense. Sharks were EVERYWHERE!!! It took her a bit to realize that the glass was protecting us, and they weren't going to eat her. She kept saying that the Nemo sharks were our friends! :)

Shark tunnel!

Lunch date with Mimi and Boppa

Addie and Mimi making chocolate chip cookies.
Addie did all the measuring and stirring. She also did a lot of sampling directly off the wooden spoon. I'm not sure how sanitary our cookie process was.

Super Addie

Super Addie, super Addie, flying through the air!
Our belly boy! His shirt was stuck underneath his little man boobs. :)
James and mommy on Skype with Nana and Papa.
He still fits.

New Jogger

Stefan and I researched double joggers the past couple of months and finally purchased one! After debating on the widespread of costs out there, we ended up finding fairly inexpensive one, but with great reviews. We've taken it for around 10 walks and 1 jog so far and it works awesome. The kids love it, and Addie's favorite part is the sun shade. She pretends it's her secret fort. :)

Helping daddy and grandpa fix the ceiling.
Due to a crack in our brand new ceiling, Stefan and my dad had to spend a Saturday removing a piece and putting in a new piece of sheet rock. Our ceiling guy then came back over and made the patch look spectacular. You'd never even be able to tell we had 3 huge cracks in the ceiling.

James - 4 1/2 months old

Our plump little man!
Addie always wants to hold James, but in this picture he looks about the same size as her.
Hanging out with daddy!

James' first real meal

James had cereal for the first time today. We started him at exactly 4 months old, 2 months early than we started with Addie. He seemed really ready. He wasn't sleeping as well and acting like he was starved all the time. He LOVES his cereal and slurped it up instantly.

He is really easy to read when he is all finished. When he is done drinking or eating, his thumb makes it up to his mouth and this is his sign that he is all full. Pretty cute!!
Big belly!! All full from dinner.

Day care / Samuel's 1st b-day

First day back at Susie's house. Addie loved seeing Susie again and being able to play with her friends. Addie transition quite well back to daycare. The only thing she wasn't used to was waking up and GETTING DRESSED. She fought with us for about 2 weeks, "No! Addie keep her pjs ON!" She also didn't like the idea of eating breakfast somewhere else. Once we got to Susie's she would get teary eyed for the first couple minutes, and by the time I came in the afternoon to pick her up, she didn't want to leave. :)

Samuel's 1st birthday party at the church.

Reading Time

She likes to grab a hold of his fingers and help him point to pictures. She's learned that from us. A teacher in the making already!

James' Dedication

James' Dedication outfit. The outfit lasted just long enough to finish his dedication at church. As soon as we sat back down in the pews, Stefan found his pants wet. He had leaked all over and outfit was done for the morning. He changed into his comfy pjs for the rest of the church service. We were blessed to have most of our family there with us to celebrate. Both Nana and Papa were there, along with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Dan, Uncle Matt, Auntie Julie and Uncle Jim. It was an amazing morning.
Wearing his little gray sweater that Great Grandma Wanda, or "Great Wanda" (what Addie calls her), made for James.