Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ultrasound of Baby J

It's Baby J's head!!! YIKES!!! WOW, after the ultrasound it makes our baby feel really real. So much fun! Stef and I had our ultrasound of Baby J yesterday, Tuesday, at 3:00pm. I made the mistake of telling Stef that all of my appointments had been late (which they were, some by even 40 minutes), but NOPE this one started as soon as I walked through the door at 2:58pm. Stef ended up coming half way through, but still got to see most of the show.

Right off the bat, they measured my bladder, and she assured me that if I felt like I had to use the bathroom already, I'd for sure be in Depends by 40 (In other words, hold it). Needless to say, I hadn't drank enough water so Baby J settled its head for a nice snooze most of the time. Oops!

By far the coolest part was watching Baby J's legs kick back and forth, a lot. It's like a short silent movie (most of the time you have NO clue what you are looking at). The pictures are so incredibly clear, but we only managed to scan the head and somewhat the bum so you can actually know what you're looking at.

Stef and I couldn't stop smiling the entire night. How amazing that this is the product of God's handy work! Man! Also, Stef and I both got to feel Baby J move last week. I guess I had been feeling movement for about 2 weeks, but thought it was indigestion or gas! :) Baby J is SUPER active when I've been active all day, hop into bed, and lay flat on my back. It start doing cartwheels and flips. It feels like a steady poking and prodding. SO amazing!!

We'll it's time for bed here in MN. We love you all and will try to scan or copy some more of the ultrasound pics. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Happy 21st birthday Sarah! You can legally have a beer next time you're here! Love you all and God bless! Stef, Betsy, and Baby J :)