Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Prayer request

We just got off the phone with our doctor.  Little Luke is really struggling to gain weight, and it's causing concern for all of us.  He's plateaued on his weight.  We've started adding formula to breast-milk bottles and have started topping him off after he is finished breastfeeding.  Problem is, he is a really bad bottle feeder.  The doctor tonight said we might try JUST feeding by bottle for a day so we could see how much he actually gets.  I'd hate to do that because I know he will not get enough! 

The plan for know is to check his weight again next week, but if he hasn't gained weight, then we'll have to look at other options. I'm scared at what they'll want to do.  I really appreciate your immediate prayers.  Prayers that he feeds really well and that he gains weight!  Thank you!

Snow & getting ready for Easter

 We had a HUGE snowfall last week.  Olaf is pictured above! His face didn't last long. I turned around and Norm had eaten his nose, and both cucumbers were found in James' mouth. :)
 Addie told me yesterday, "I wish I could be the mommy in this house!"
 Daddy time!
 Daddy was in charge of decorating eggs with the kiddos!