Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Cute!

This morning it was already 72 degree Fahrenheit when we woke up (around 92 by midday). This is Addie's first time going sleeveless!! So much fun. She loves it. Norm likes it too!! Much more surface area for licking.

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Hanging out on a hot summer night

Our attempt to take a family photo!

"I LOVE playing SUPER ADDIE!!"

Norm likes licking Addie's feet!! Toe jam? Leftover meals? Not sure. She never seems to mind.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day & Playing Piano

Just hanging out on Mom and Dad's bed with my Whoozit!!

Auntie Julie teaching Addie how to play piano. Addie loves the piano and plays it all the time at Gale (her daycare providers) house. Gale says she even sings!!
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No more swaddle & the new Pups

Addie has successfully had her first full week of not being swaddled. The first night was tough (she woke herself up about 4 times). She absolutely loves going to bed and always wakes up in a new position and corner of her crib.
Tony and Addie.
Champ and Molly, the new pups of the group. Champ is an Irish Setter and belongs to Anna and Nick. Molly is a Lab/Beagle mix, a Labie (spelling???). They played non-stop for around 3 hours. Mostly hanging out under the coffee table.
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Paul and Nikki's Engagement Party

Our good high school friend Paul is getting married this Labor Day in California. We got to meet his fiancee, Nikki, for the first time. She's such a sweetie!

Below: Ben and Addie in an embrace. She's learned to somewhat "hug" back!
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