Saturday, July 19, 2008

26 1/2 weeks / New Carpet

We decided it was time to update the belly pictures. Man, it's starting to get big. We can now feel the baby moving all the time and can sometimes see Baby J as it rolls or pushes, whatever it's doing! We went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and everything seems healthy!!! I've gained 8 pounds so far, the baby's heartbeat is around 150 I believe (I can't remember if that was the right number), and the its due date will be somewhere between the 20th and 26th of October. My cravings have somewhat subsided, but I still enjoy bagels and hamburgers! :) Fresh fruit has also been a lifesaver when it's hot out! I'm also excited to get up to Point Roberts and eat some fresh crab and blackberries.

Stef and I also got new carpet this past Thursday (thanks Grandma and Grandpa). My mom and I painted all three bedrooms, the hallway, and the family before they put the carpet in. It looks awesome! Man, it is so fun to get out of bed and step on something soft, rather than the peeling cork! :) Norm also loves have a permanent bed throughout half the house. He rolls and rubs everywhere!!

We love you all and miss you much. In less than a month, we'll be up in Canuck land!! See you all soon! Hugs and love, Stefan, Betsy, & Baby J

Stef's 2nd Triathlon - Chaska, MN

Stefan, David and Steve, just finished their 2nd triathlon this morning. It was a gorgeous morning for a race. As Ashley and I drove into town, before their race had started, we passed what looked like a man made pond. We were surprised to see buoys/markers all over, and then realized, THIS was the "lake" they were racing on. Yuck! I'm sure it was fine, but man it looked kinda gross. Stef said it was nice, warm, and CALM!!!!!

The swim was 0.3 miles, bike 16 miles, and the run, 3 miles. All three boys did excellent and got done around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Dave came in 6th, Steve 8th, and Stef 9th (in their age group)!!! Way to go boys!