Monday, August 11, 2008

Milwaukee Part I - Jaime & Nathan's wedding & Trolley ride

This past weekend we took a long weekend trip to Milwaukee, WI. We started off bright and early Friday morning 7am, with a Caribou Coffee to help. When we got to our hotel, we unloaded and went for a walk on the boardwalk along Lake Michigan. Stef has now seen 2 Great Lakes! Milwaukee has a great Trolley system that takes you on a riding tour of downtown for free. This ended up being our main mode of transportation.

That night we met up with some friends and went to the Lakefront Brewery for dinner and a tour. We had a blast! The boys were plotting on what type of brew vats and tools to purchase for their next batch of homemade brew. I guess what they have isn't big enough! :) Then we went to a local pub called the Safehouse, which was pretty fun except we ended up having a pretty incompetent waiter who thought he was funny and we forgot that Wisconsin still allows you to smoke in bars!! It was like walking into a cloud. We then met up with the wedding party at an outdoor pub and then headed back to the hotel to sleep 6 in our 2 person hotel room! Cozy and fun!

Jaime and Nathan's wedding was absolutely beautiful! I realized after the wedding that I didn't get a good pic of the two of them, so a far away shot is all I have. The two of them are heading up to Vancouver for their honeymoon, so Stef is excited that one of our sets of friends is visiting his homeland!!! We pray that they have safe travels and lots of fun adventures. We can't wait to see all of you in less than 4 days!! YIPPEE!! Norm and Baby J (from the womb) say hi! Love you all and see you soon, Stefan and Betsy

Milwaukee Part II - Lakefront Brew Tour & Views