Saturday, April 26, 2008

14 1/2 weeks, Tight Pants, and Fun News!

Stefan and I have some fun news, a little Julien is on it’s way shortly. ☺ Crazy, eh? It has been extremely difficult keeping this big news a secret for 3 months, but in the end, the shock and surprise by our parents (our friends were just betting on the due date) was all worth it.

Stef had a chance to meet up with his parents a couple weekends ago in Phoenix, AZ. So we both got to share our news on the same night. Watching their faces as they opened their presents (we made them T-shirts that said Papa, Nana, Grandma, and Grandpa) was positively one of the most exciting things ever! My mom wouldn’t stop screaming and Stef’s mom started jumping on the couch.

Our due date is October 22nd. The pregnancy has been going great so far. I’ve only gotten sick a handful of times in the morning and I’m pretty sure it’s due to Life cereal (so I’ve had to stay clear of that for a while and switch to oatmeal). Stef is really enjoying my cravings. The biggest so far has been McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Crazy, eh? One for me, one for Stef. There are lots of foods I can't even be around anymore, the worst being RICE. I had to throw away all the rice in my house (including the chips I ate with a Mexican rice salsa) and can't even think about it without getting queasy.

My belly is starting to pop, but I guess I’m the only one who can tell. If you rub it there’s a little bump. I'm about 14 weeks along, my uterus is about the size of small melon (which is why buttoning my pants has become a difficult task) and the baby is roughly 3 and 1/2 inches long!!!! Since birth, I've been a belly sleeper and could still handle that until about 2 weeks ago. I decided it's time I stop sleeping ON the baby and switch to something that will be a necessity in a couple weeks. MAN, I haven't gotten a good night sleep since. I'm constantly asking if Stef is awake and to talk to me! Good thing Norm is usually a good listener (even if he's sleeping).

Speaking of Norm, we are pretty sure he is pumped to have another small playmate around the house. Whenever our friend's baby comes over for a visit, it never leaves without a super clean licked head (and hands, and toes, and toys). I'm sure he'll enjoy having his own playmate to give kisses to 24-7.

Stefan and I are so excited to be parents. It is somewhat surreal, but became quite real when we got to listen to the baby's heart beat for the first time. Stef was still in Arizona, so while taking a quick golfing break, I held the phone to my belly while the doctor held the Doppler. HOW INCREDIBLE!!! As I said goodbye to Stef, the doctor said, "Here's the first heartbeat and now... the 2nd." I think I went into slight cardiac arrest before she announced it was mine. I wonder how much fun she gets by looking at new mother's faces while making that announcement?

Stef and I promise to make updates!! We love ya all so much and please keep our new little member of the family in your prayers. Hugs to you all!

Betsy, Stefan, & Baby J (of course Norm too)

P.S. Norm is really not liking (or should I say liking too much) all the baby toys Baby J is receiving. Especially ones that squeak!

Cute Pic

I just wanted to share a quick cute picture of the two men in my life. Just a typical hang out time in the Julien basement. I'm also using this a self-teaching tool for how to post to the blog! Yes, everyone in Canada, no one here in MN has a blog really. But we now have a GREAT reason to keep this a weekly ritual, instead of a twice a year thing! :)