Thursday, April 03, 2014

Some pics

My dear friend Katie came for a visit last week.  I was her nanny back in the day.  The kids and I had a wonderful time hanging out with her. :)
 Lukey Poo and his tongue! It's always seems to be moving!
Luke is really improving on his tummy time!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Luke's 4 month check-up

Luke and I just visited Dr. Benson this morning for his 4 month well-child check-up.  AGAIN, he was sleeping!  Man, he can't catch a break.  He has been deep in slumber for every well-child visit he's been to.  At least our nurse got to see him awake and active.  Someone there believes me that he opens his eyes!

Luke has grown in length and his head circumference, but is making minimal weight gain.  He has hardly gained anything in the past 3 weeks.  Not good!  We decided on 2 things to try: put in an extra feeding throughout the day and giving him one of his feedings by bottle with some high calorie formula mixed in as well.  He is still only 8 lbs. 5 oz.

Going to Luke's check-ups have become a really anxiety filled and stressful event for me.  I remember with Addie and James, it was a no-brainer.  When I go with Luke, it seems like everything is already going against him, and then he does things like, sleep through his entire exam.  Seriously, you can't make it up!

I know that Luke has many more ups and downs to come, and it is a wait and see game.  But it feels so SAFE at home, and so uncertain when we go visit the doctor.  I really need to ask God to continually give me peace when we visit the doctor, and to let go of trying to stay in-control.  

On a side note, Addie and James are fighting over who gets to feed Luke his bottles.  Tonight was classic to watch.  Luke doesn't starve for attention that's for sure.  :)

Lots of love, The MN Juliens