Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adelyn - 7 weeks

Our little angel is developing some serious cheeks!

I know she doesn't really play, but I let her look at her toys at least twice a day. She LOVES it! She just coos and talks away. Below is a pic of Addie in her snugli. As she gets older, Stef and I have come to realize that we have to cart her around the house with us in order to get things done.
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Adelyn - 6 weeks old

Addie is now 6 weeks old and starting to smile and coo. So much fun! Her favorite time to talk is while getting a fresh diaper!
Addie really likes "playing" with her jungle mat (her pants are a tish big). She does a little tummy time every day on it, but really enjoys laying on her back and looking at the animals. Norm enjoys sitting right next to her too! He especially likes the giraffe.
We watched the Canuck vs. Wild game Friday night at my brother's condo. Go Canucks!!
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Interfaith Sleep out 2008

Ben sure does love giving Addie kisses (we also like initiating it for pictures). Pretty funny, he also got a hold of her pacifier last night, took it out of her mouth and put it in his. He stood up after giving her another kiss, and he was happily sucking on a pink pacifier. :)

Last night, the Knight's hosted a bonfire/sleep out for Interfaith. The organization is raising money for homeless people in our area. Ashley, David, Sarah, Trevor, Liz, Steve, Nick L., and Jay all braved the cold (it got down to 1 degree Fahrenheit) last night and slept in tents.
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