Tuesday, February 01, 2011

James and Addie

My mom knit James a little blue hat and matching slippers when he was first born. We thought we'd take some pictures of him. It only lasted for 20 seconds before Addie wanted in on the action, so the remaining pictures are of both of them. :)

Charming! You've gotta love the belly!
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James - 3 months

Gotta love that smile! James is now 3 months old. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. He is such an amazing boy and a great baby. He loves life. He had been sleeping around 8-9 hours a night, but due to a cold this week, he enjoyed getting a snack about every 2-3 hours causing a very tired mommy. He just started to giggle this week. It is absolutely precious. He loves playing with his rattle and has just discovered his fingers (which causes quite a puddle of drool on his shirts). He loves to play horsey on his daddy's lap and loves it when anyone sings songs to him. I've LOVED being home with my little man!!!

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Matt's 30th Birthday

The James' enjoying a game of bowling.
Addie adored helping Tanya bowl.
Matt turned 30 on December 26th and Addie couldn't stop asking when we were going to singing Happy Birthday to Uncle Matt. We helped Matt celebrate his birthday by bowling and enjoying cake.
If you can see behind this picture, there are around 20 different light flashing, music playing, noise making games that Addie went crazy over. She loved running around and pretending to money in everything!
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Hockey Time

Addie, Daddy and I went and played hockey a couple weekends ago at the McKenzie Park. We had the place to ourselves.
No one was in the warming house, so James snuggled in his snowsuit, Bundle Me and carseat for a very cozy morning nap! He looks so lonely in the corner.

Addie enjoyed riding on the chair more than attempting to skate.
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Addie, James, Lily and Charlie
The pigtail sisters! Olivia and Addie!
Future HHS football players, Will and Samuel!
Will, Olivia, Jacob, Ben, Samuel, Addie and James! This is my favorite picture, because everyone is NOT looking at the camera except the two youngest babes! Classic!
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