Sunday, October 05, 2008

2nd Annual Momentum Boche Ball Tourney

Stef and I hosted our 2nd Annual Boche Ball Tournament this past weekend for the Momentum young peoples group at church. We had a blast! Linnea and Nate were the big winners of the night (Nate won last year, there might be a big fit to see who gets to be his partner next year). Stef made a single elimination bracket, but complained because we didn't start early enough. The boys think next year it should be a double elimination! We'll see about that. We had lots of good food, fellowship, and some bonfire time afterwards. We didn't get the camera out early enough, so sorry everyone, we didn't get a ton of pics!!! By the end of the night, Norm was exhausted and decided his new favorite bed place was our new chair (hence the green blanket covering it).
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38 weeks & Baby J's room (almost ready)

Stef and I found a great deal on two new chairs. They are SOOOOO comfy! One gets to be in Baby J's room and the other replaced our blue plaid chairs in the family room (Norm was very upset to see these two go, but it was time). We also found a beautiful changing table on Craigslist about three weeks ago.

This pic is 1 day shy of Baby's 38th week! This past week I had a doc appointment on Wednesday morning, and was told that I am 1.5 cm dilated and almost 80-90% effaced. My co-workers can attest to my behavior the rest of that day!!! I was a nervous wreck, because I was sure that everytime I moved, my water was going to break. I practically walked down the hall with my legs crossed! I came home that night and had a mini panic attack. Stefan found me wandering the house after work, not able to get ANYTHING done. Being the sweet husband he is, we packed our hospital bag together, did a little baby laundry, and went to bed early. I had to finally realize that neither Stef, nor I, can control when Baby J is going to make his/her presence here on Earth. Only God knows Baby J's b-day! We are super excited when that day arrives. We love you all and miss you!!!! God Bless, Stefan, Betsy, Baby J and NORMAN (someone commented that his name has been eliminated from our goodbyes)
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