Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Madison/Milwaukee Weekend

We took a 15 passenger van (13 people inside) and went on a road trip to Rock Lake, right outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Liz's grandma has a home on the lake and was generous enough to give her house up for the weekend. We then all traveled (15 people) to a Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins game in at Miller Park in Milwaukee. We tailgated for about 3 hours eating tons of great food (great BBQ David)and playing corn hole, before watching a great game that lasted 12 innings long. Twins won! We had a blast and can't wait to do it again sometime. Thanks Liz and Steve for organizing everything!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

23 weeks and our new garden (almost done)

Stef and my dad spent the entire weekend building the retaining wall for our new garden. It will be plenty big, might even feed the entire neighborhood. It looks amazing. They have 2 more layers to put in, and then it will be ready to fill in with black dirt. Norm enjoyed spending both days supervising under the shady apple tree and running through the sprinklers. :)

The other two pics are of my growing belly. Man, we can't believe that I'm almost 24 weeks, 6 months. YIKES!!!! We've been painting and cleaning up our house so we can put carpet in this July. Once that's finished, we can actually put together our crib and figure out if it has all the pieces or not. :) I've been feeling great (definitely slowing down a bit, especially when trying to run to first base when playing softball) and Stef has been training for his triathlon which is next weekend. It is a 1/2 mile swim, 25 miles bike, and 4 mile run. I promise to post pics of that next weekend. He got his rental wet suit (full body, skin tight) in the mail yesterday and tried it on for me. Words can not describe what he looks like! :) We hope all is well up in Canada. Happy Birthday Sue, Mom and Nana Su Su. Hope you had a wonderful evening out. We love you all and pray that God is blessing your lives! Lots of love, Stef, Betsy, Baby J and Norm