Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Addie - Flower Girl

Getting ready!!
Addie made it halfway down the isle... But she did a 5 second scan of everyone in the pews and realized that she didn't recognize anyone. So she made a beeline back towards the doorway.
The first bridesmaid picked her up and helped her perform the rest of her flower girl duty. We thought she want to go right to Stef after this, but she marched the rest of the way to the altar.
Her last job was to put her flower in a vase. As you can see this took a little while, but she was successful and pretty proud of herself. :) We had a blast, what a wonderful wedding. Congrats James and Megan. :)

Cabinets are being installed and stained

So...last week we had the rest of our kitchen, dining room and hallway floor put in. We had a floor guy match our old red oak floor in the living room and he was able to use old boards (that we had pulled out) and new boards to make our floor look amazing.

This week our contractor put in all the cabinets and the finisher came to our house, taped and put plastic up everywhere and spray stained everything. My parents were able to go over and get pics of all the steps.

We've been so impressed with the quality that our friend Brian has done. We can't wait to see everything finished in 1 week! :)