Monday, October 30, 2006

Quarter II - Tettegouche, Norman, I'm A Gun Owner

Hello Again,

I'm not sure who actually reads this blog since it is updated so rarely, but here's a Halloween treat for all you who may have ventured here.

So...all is well here in Minnesota, we have had a little snow already, but it has been pretty nice of late. The weather man says that Canada is sending down some more cold air, so thanks a lot everyone back home!

Betsy and I have had some fun adventures in the past few months. We went camping up on the North Shore as they call it here in Minnesota, which is the north shore of Lake Superior. We went the last weekend of September so all the leaves were at their brightest peak in colour. (Look below for pics) We were with our friends the Lovas's and the Knight's and we had a blast hiking, cooking, eating, and doing all those fun things you do when you camp. Our campsite was on a cliff that fell straight to the lake so that was pretty amazing.

Norman is growing and growing and growing, he is like a weed, but he is still the teddy bear furball puppy we love to carry around like a baby. He is just a little bit spoiled and I'm not sure if he actually knows he is a dog. We dog sat Conan "the Barbarian" last week and even though Norman was about 4 times the size of Conan, Norman took a beating from the Barbarian as he is rightfully named. We have definitely raised a lover, not a fighter, to my chagrin at times. I just want our dog to be able to stick up for himself. It's actually funny cause a couple nights later we were over at Betsy's uncle and aunt's place and Norman was wrestling with their big dog Tyson, who if Mike Tyson was a dog, he would definitely look like Tyson. I guess Norman just likes a fair fight:)

In the American way and in the Minnesota frontier's man tradition I have bought a gun. I have a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge shotgun that I can use to blast poor birds from the air with the pull of a trigger. I will be going on my first pheasant hunt in the coming weeks after the deer hunters have cleared out so that I am not shot at. Since there are not a lot of places to go flyfishing for trout in Minnesota I have succomb to the hunt. Should be fun, I'll let you know how it goes.

Other than that, Betsy and I are doing well and having fun with life. Hope all of you are well.

Keep your stick on the ice,

Stefan & Betsy