Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

After camping on Saturday and Sunday, we took Monday and got a bunch of yard work done. Here are pictures of our new patio furniture (Thank you Nana Sue-Sue and Papa). We LOVE it! We already had lunch on it today, so comfy. We also included a picture of where our garden is going to be. Stef and my dad are going to build it during the next two weekends. :) Norm had such an exhausting weekend (playing with Tyson and hanging out in the mud Sunday morning) that he found a nice spot to rest (in our hostas) and wouldn't MOVE. :)

Full Weekend: Graduation and Canoing

This past weekend, Ashley, Cristin, and I graduated from Hamline University with our Masters of Education. :) Fun times had by all. The 3 of us left Minnetonka at 1:15 and didn't arrive at Hamline until 2:25 due to unforeseen road closures (we were supposed to have already picked up our cap and gowns and be in our procession line by 2pm). We ran the entire way (high heels and all), checked in with 4 minutes to spare, and had really nice people help us throw on our outfits. :) The important thing was that we GRADUATED. My entire family meet us out for dinner at Macaroni Grill afterwards.

The following day, Sunday, Stef and I decided to venture down the Minnehaha Creek after church. The only directions we were given, multiple times from my parents, was to steer right when we got to a certain divide in the creek (my family had a mishap about 8 years ago, choosing the left side and going over a neighborhood made dam and capsizing our canoe).

We had a gorgeous day and the only mishap (besides my hubby sayin "You're just dipping!" and "Dig in, dig in. (Doesn't it totally make sense that this would mean paddle faster, not steer)" and "If we ever go canoing with our parents, the men are in one boat, and women in another!") happened at our famous divide in the creek. So, Stef and I steered clear of the left side (even though it was flowing beautifully) and madly paddled to the right where rocks were sticking out everywhere. You can imagine what happened, our canoe bottomed out. So while the neighbors watched from afar, we first tried rocking the canoe, then Stef got out, finally we both got out, and when I sat down, my buttocks came right down on my paddle. Oops! We looked like a gong show trying to paddle the mini rapids with my stubby paddle. Stef was a true gentleman and didn't complain about being the only one paddling the rest of the way (we probably went straighter this way). All in all, we had lots of laughs and can't wait to go again.