Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer, oh summer!

Where have you gone???  I feel like this summer has just flown by.  We had so much fun, but I can't believe it is almost done!  :)

Addie is eagerly anticipating the start of her education.  Let me rephrase that, she is excited to use her new lunch box, thermos, play on the playground, make new friends and meet her teacher!  She is NOT excited when we explained that school is 9 months of the year, and it goes on until you are 18.  She broke down in tears when she heard that part! 

James recent addiction is with climbing, jumping, twisting, and summer saulting (lots of "inappropriate" use of my couches!)  His buddy Ben got him watching American Ninja Warriors.  Needless to say, there has been a lot very close calls in our house!  We are signing him up for gymnastics this winter, and he is ecstatic.  He explains to everyone, "Addie gets to go to kindergarten and I get to go to gymnastics!"

Lukey Poo is almost 9 months old and getting stronger every day!  His big news is....  He started smiling again on Monday!  He took a 7 month hiatus in the smiling department, but it's back!  Deep down, I knew he'd smile again.  :) His quick smirk and full smile both light up the room.  Addie and James both have witnessed it and get so incredibly excited when he does it!  He is also gaining a lot of neck strength.  He has a long way to go, but it is so encouraging what we do see! 

Stefan and I are doing well and are excitedly planning our trip to New York and Boston in September.  My parents graciously offered to watch our kiddos while I accompany Stef on a work trip to New York.  We are going to stay there 2 nights and then take the train up to Boston to visit my brother and his fiancee Maari.  Can't wait!

My sweet Grandpa Gene, Boppa to the kids, was diagnosed with cancer in early July.  Prayers of comfort, peace, and strength for my grandpa and grandma during this difficult time would be greatly appreciated.  We love you Mimi & Boppa!

Stefan and I are about to sit down to the movie God's Not Dead!  Pretty excited!

Love, The MN Juliens

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